Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm? We've got your commercial business covered.

Texans are no stranger to heavy storms, so when this office building flooded due to heavy rains, our technicians were ready to step in and help out. Since SERVPRO of Lake Worth/Benbrook is a Large Loss Response Team, we are ready for any size disaster. Call us today to see how we can help your office or commercial building recover from a devastating storm loss.

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey carved a path of destruction across Texas when it arrived in 2017, and, unfortunately, this home was unable to escape its wrath. This pile of debris was left after wind tore up the roof, and water was able to leak into the house. Our team of expert technicians was happy to help this homeowner begin the process of recovering from this terrible storm. If you have suffered damage from a storm, call SERVPRO of Lake Worth/Benbrook today at 817.560.3086 to get your life back on track.                                                                                      

Hurricane Harvey 2

We see a lot of water calls here in North Texas, but we rarely see anything like we saw with Hurricane Harvey! If you look close enough you'll see that's not just a highly polished floor, but it's got a LOT of standing water. For jobs like this we have special truck mounted extractors that can hold thousands of gallons of water. 

Hurricane Harvey

We saw some seriously crazy stuff when we were down south helping with Hurricane Harvey, like that fish! This was how high the water rose in this particular commercial building - you can even see it still pooled on top of the table! 

Large Storms

Did you know that SERVPRO of Lake Worth/Benbrook is apart of a special team that helps with large storm events? We help other SERVPRO franchises with the overflow that they may have. Last year you could find our team down in the Houston area helping with Hurricane Harvey, for example!


We here at SERVPRO of Lake Worth/Benbrook are apart of a special team that helps other SERVPRO franchises during large storm events, like for example, Hurricane Harvey. This particular job saw a lot of flood water enter their commercial business and when the waters receded and we extracted we found this little fish! We see some crazy stuff, and this one definitely took a top spot.