Commercial Photo Gallery

Warehouse Load of Equipment

All of our equipment is cleaned, kept in working order, and placed on palettes so that we have the maximum amount of equipment for all jobs ranging from a small water leak to a large loss. 

Airport Water Damage

One of our techs tackling one room after a major water leak at the DFW airport. Our team was called after hours and were onsite within the hour to clean up the damage before things got worse.

COVID-19 Prevention Cleaning - High Touch Points

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, multiple commercial businesses have entrusted our SERVPRO of West Fort Worth team to aid in disinfecting their facilities. This particular photo was a preventative cleaning, meaning that there were no positive cases in the building, however they wanted to take measures that make it more difficult for their facility to be affected by the virus. These services include wiping down the high touch points, such as door knobs, light switches, phones, etc., as well as horizontal surfaces.

Ready for any sized job!

Failing window seals at this store allowed water to leak in and cause damage to the building. The water caused paint to bubble and saturated the floor. No job is too big or too small for us, so call SERVPRO of Lake Worth/ Benbrook today at 817.560.3086 to help your business get back in working order! 

Our technicians are always ready!

Here is one of our techs handling some pretty severe water damage at a health clinic. There were 5 room with extremely contaminated standing water, but we were able to take care of the situation and leave the owner feeling extremely pleased with our work! Give us a call today at 817.560.3086 if your commercial building suffers a loss.                                

Generators? No problem!

Nothing is worse than an unexpected water loss at your commercial business location. Sometimes, however, problems with power can come with water loss. That’s why we have multiple generators on standby to make sure your business gets drier faster, and you don’t have to worry about lost revenue. If you’ve suffered from a water loss in your business location call us today at 817.560.3086!

We Work Overnight!

Did you know that we provide our services 24/7? Just like DFW Airport, we can come and clean or do any remediation that needs to be done overnight! That way your commercial business doesn't have to close and potentially lose revenue.

At this particular job we were called out to do some overnight remediation of some unwanted grease and mold from a pipe that had a slow leak in it. 

Our Fleet & Commercial Losses

Commercial losses are no joke, which is why we have a fleet of cars, box trucks, and vans to make sure to get enough of the right equipment to your location so you can reopen faster. Give us a call today at 817.560.3086 if you've had a commercial water loss! 

Local Staples

Sometimes even local staples have water or fire emergencies, and we are always here to help! We will arrive to your location as fast as possible to get started on mitigating whatever happened. Give us a call today at 817.560.3086!

On The Job!

When you have a loss in your commercial building, we are on our way ASAP! We know that any time your business is closed due to an emergency like water damage, that revenue is lost. We work hard to get you back open for business quickly so you don't have to worry. If your business has suffered from water damage give us a call right away: 817.560.3086 we are here to help 24/7!