Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Small Leaks Cause Big Problems

This photo was taken in the corner of a storage area in a commercial building. Often times, in a storage area, it is not always checked and vented properly. Therefore, when a small leak happens and is left untreated, a mold problem can present itself.

Mold in your vents? Not a problem!

Mold occurs naturally in our environment and be found both indoors and outside, and it loves to grow in warm, soggy environments. This mold was found inside the vent of a bathroom. If you suspect that your home my have a mold issue, don’t hesitate to call us at 817.530.3086 to make sure that any concerns are taken care of quickly.                

Hidden Mold

This microbial growth was hidden behind a linen basket after storm damage caused water to leak into the house. Mold is able to grow wherever a warm, humid environment exists, so call SERVPRO® of Lake Worth/Benbrook to make sure that water damage and mold growth are taken care of properly. 817.560.3086.

Mold & Commercial Businesses

One of mold's favorite places to grow is office ventilation systems! It's humid, dark, and moist, which makes it the perfect spot. Just like this office building, where mold was growing from the vents. We were able to get in and get it remediated! If you think your business has a mold problem, give us a call today at 817.560.3086!

Hidden Mold

Often times mold isn't found until after we do our demolition and tear out work, much like this particular home where we had a water damage occur. That's why it's important to get leaks fixed immediately and to call us so we can get your home dry so you don't have any surprise mold. 

If you have, or think you may have, mold, give us a call today at 817.560.3086!


If you've got a bit of a mold problem, you may be worried about the possibility of it spreading to another room in your home or belongings when it's in the process of remediation. We understand your concerns, and we take you and your family's safety seriously which is why we put up containment to prevent spores from spreading while we do our work. 

If you've got a mold problem give us a call ASAP! 817.560.3086

Holy Mold!

That is a lot of mold! This was a tenant in an apartment complex that went on vacation and returned home to a LOT of mold. We got the mold remediated so she could return to living in a safe and clean environment.