What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

A Texas summertime thunderstorm ran through our neighborhood in the early evening, and lightning struck my house, setting fire to my roof and causing several large holes. They were able to tarp up my roof so no more water could get in and then help with the rest of the damage as well. They’re good people.

I was a victim during Hurricane Harvey. Heavy flooding tore up both my home and my office, and insurance had me call SERVPRO I was expecting a waiting time of WEEKS before they could get someone out but then SERVPRO of Lake Worth/Benbrook showed up – all the way from the DFW area! And within a few hours, too! They helped mitigate my home and my business and get my life back on track after this devastation.

High winds blew shingles off my roof and caused a leak. It wasn’t spotted for a few days. They came out and got the water out and did a good job thank you.

My wife and I suffered from a flood with the recent rains coming in from the back porch under our door and into the dining room. We called SERVPRO and they were able to get to us quickly and get everything cleaned up we really appreciated them.

Hail destroyed my windows and caused some water damage on the inside of my home. The SERVPRO guys were able to board up my windows so no more water came in and then help with the water inside my home. They were AWESOME!

Texas showed no mercy on my roof this last hail season. For that reason, we had a large leak in our roof into our attic and then into our game room. SERVPRO was able to help get the water removed and dried from both the game room and the attic! They were fantastic!