What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

My business is restaurants. I know what it takes to keep them afloat and mold is not what it takes to keep them afloat. I discovered mold in a walk-in and called SERVPRO on a recommendation from another restaurant buddy of mine. They helped clear the food and the mold in a timely fashion so I could reuse the walk-in again.

I am 65 years old and a grandmother and I had mold in my home behind my sink and it was really scary but the men they sent were really nice and they helped calm my fears thank you very much.

Mold is no joke! We recently acquired an office park, and as we were doing tear out and remodel, we discovered a TON OF MOLD. SERVPRO was here in no time and they were able to remediate the problem quickly and get us back on track.

My wife and I had a mold problem that kept returning time and time again. We used another company prior to using SERVPRO, and unfortunately, they just masked the problem instead of getting rid of the mold permanently. After thinking we had it under control and then having it come back we contacted SERVPRO, all I can say is we should have contacted them sooner! They were very thorough and really made sure to get everything. Our mold issue is now resolved!

Really can’t recommend these guys enough. I had to have mold remediation work done on a unit at the apartment complex I manage, and they were extremely thorough and professional. Will definitely be using them again if needed for other work.

We bought an older home and found mold during a remodel. This stressed us out big time! We called SERVPRO on a recommendation from our insurance agent. When Dakota arrived, he reassured us that everything would be okay. The team worked hard over the next week or so to make sure everything was safe for our family.