Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Bathroom Pipe Backs up in Benbrook Home

Pictured to the left is an upstairs bathroom that fell victim to new construction plumbing back ups. More often times than not, construction companies can leave... READ MORE

Water Damage

This was a home that had a leak in the AC unit located in the attic, which resulted in water damage that affected the master bedroom, master bathroom, and close... READ MORE

Water Damage

This was a set of commercial offices that had their building flood when the toilet line broke in a vacant space next door. Since it was a weekend, the water wen... READ MORE

Water Damage - Benbrook, TX

This was a home in Benbrook, TX that had a pipe burst, causing their kitchen and dining room to flood! When we arrived there, we were able to get all the water ... READ MORE

Water Damage - Pelican Bay, TX

When your toilet supply line breaks, the scope of the damage can be extremely extensive, like this home in Pelican Bay, TX. The home had about 4-5 inches of sta... READ MORE

Water Damage - White Settlement

This was a commercial building in White Settlement, TX that had a pipe back up and burst, flooding both the men’s bathroom and the breakroom next door. We... READ MORE

Water Damage - Lake Worth, TX

This particular building was a group of individually owned salon spaces in Lake Worth, TX. One of the salon spaces had a fire, which then resulted in the floodi... READ MORE